Billy Budd, king of the birds

I am a printmaker. My work reflects the delightful ambiguity of art, the scope for interpretation of both experience and the natural world and my interest in the way the past and present inter-relate.

I am interested in the correlation between the layering process that is intrinsic to printmaking and how language and music can portray many layers of meaning.

I passionately believe that the creative arts are what make us civilised creatures. They stimulate our imagination, challenge our intellect, develop our empathy and help us to understand what beauty is. The arts take us to places we might not otherwise dare to go and confront us with what we are and what we might be.

I want my work to challenge and provoke thought, I want people to seek meaning in my prints, to try to unravel the ideas that have formed them, but as well as all this, I want people to see them as beautiful.

I work using a variety of techniques, etching, collograph, dry point and relief, often employing a number of techniques in one print. Largely because of this, most of my prints are unique. I work from my studio at home, using a Rollaco Boxer press.

Please browse the Galleries and check up on latest posts on the News page. If you see something you would like to buy you can contact me via the email address given in the Contact page. I would also be very happy to hear what you think about the prints or the website, so feel free!

Ruth Oinn