New Galleries

A few hours spent slaving away at the computer instead of the press means that now my Galleries are ready to view. I have left on view, but clearly marked, work that has sold as it is an indication of the sort of thing I have been doing over the last three years. It may seem odd to display work done three years ago but I am often surprised by which prints people pick out as ones they especially like. I simply work on subjects that interest me at the time and I hope that you like the results. As I am a relatively new printmaker I am constantly experimenting and developing techniques so there is always something new to see.

Below is a print that took up a lot of time and effort for very little result…no one really likes it but the colour mix is interesting, I learned a lot from it and I shall probably cut it up into small pieces and use it in another print some time in the future!2-P1090416