In my head the print for The Prodigal Son featured the turning point for the young man, when he is forced to degrade himself as a swineherd. The pigs were to be dirty, muddy and disgusting, in other words seen from his point of view. I had an idea of a distant beautiful view and in  the foreground a jumble of smelly animals. However, while I was cutting the lino the pigs remained stubbornly cheerful, attending to their piglets and generally taking an interest in life. A number of unsuccessful prints later and the problem became more clear…basically I like pigs and seeing them as objects of disgust goes against the grain. Once I had realised the futility of dirty muddy animal prints I printed them rainbow colours ……….instant success. As my brief is prints inspired by Britten operas this fulfils the criteria but not in the way I expected! No picture available at the moment, the print can be seen at The Hours of Healing  at the ARB from the beginning of April. Please come along!