Hours of Healing final prints

I am now in the process of completing the final print of the exhibition. It has been an eventful twelve months since I first decided to celebrate the centenary of Britten’s birth. I never for a moment thought I would cover the ground I have, and nor did I believe that there would be twenty-six prints to exhibit at the ARB in April.

Having decided to celebrate, in my own way, the centenary of Britten’s birth it has become something of an obsession. In the last twelve months I have discovered some wonderful operas, revisited several much loved works, watched DVDs, listened to CDs, pored over librettos and seen productions at Aldeburgh and Glyndebourne. Britten’s operas cover sources as diverse as Shakespeare, medieval Bible stories, American folk legends, Henry James, Thomas Mann and George Crabbe. Research topics varied from Japanese Noh theatre to 1930’s barber chairs via the V&A for Tudor fabric design, early American loggers and medieval stained glass. Somehow all the words, the visual images and the music have been translated into the twenty-six prints, which are not illustrations but a personal reflection of the operas and my understanding of the ideas and characters within them.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed making them.

 It feels a little bit like an ending but, of course, is only a beginning.  Twenty more prints to frame, twenty-six to hang, and all those wonderful operas to be revisited for the rest of my life!

The Hours of Healing – a response to the operas of Benjamin Britten

Private View on Saturday April 5th, 3 – 5pm, 

At the Alison Richard Building, West Road, Cambridge, CB3 9DT


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  1. A fantastic project – all good wishes from us here at Aldeburgh Music.
    Get in touch if you are able to swap some publicity for this –
    Very best,

  2. Thanks Marc, I have messaged the Aldeburgh Music Facebook page but did not know what other publicity you might be able to give my exhibition. Perhaps you could let me know?