Accidental Beauties Reminder!

Quite pleased with my poster for Accidental Beauties….I needed a new one as the print which formed the background for Hours of Healing publicity was sold and is not in the new show. The print is from Paul Bunyan….I like the sense of depth behind the information.

Once the show is under way (from Monday 15 th) I am going to revamp my studio. The room is small but perfectly formed but has become somewhat cluttered, especially the ideas board, despite my best efforts, over the last two years, so a good clear out, painting the end wall ¬†and an improved work bench arrangement is going to help. It also gives me a little breathing space before I start to commit ink to paper ……always a nervous time when ideas begin to come to fruition, I will do almost anything to delay the start (even clear out my studio) but once I get going it carries itself. I wonder if other artists are the same…….?