Birds at last!

What I hoped would happen has happened, (finally). The prints I began this time last year, based on a collection of poems about birds, have benefited from visits to exhibitions, internet research, reading and the passage of time. Three are now finished (see below) and a further three are in the early planning stage. I am now confident that I can produce a series of prints on this subject so Flights of Fancy is becoming a reality. So far the prints are not very close to the poems but the poems are genuinely the inspiration for the prints and I suspect this will continue. I don’t really want to be an illustrator at this point, and this way I have more freedom to interpret. The prints are titled, First Flight, The Creation of Birds and The Roost, not necessarily in that order! Although I no longer have comments on the website because of the huge amount of spam I was receiving I would be happy to receive any of your comments via the contacts page, if you care to drop me an email!DSC_0893-2DSC_0775-3 (2)DSC_0773