Fledgling exhibition

This does not mean an exhibition of fledglings, although, given the time of year that might seem quite apposite, but it does mean that I have managed to complete enough ‘bird poem’ prints to be able to say that an exhibition will definitely take place, actually in Saffron Walden at the Exchange Gallery in the Library from Monday August 8th.

The process has been fascinating and I find I am looking at birds with new eyes, having poured over photos and bird books and watched the real thing of course whenever possible. As always there is a development throughout the creative process and I have re-visited a number of prints to adjust ¬†and revise my original thinking. The challenge is always to make it look as if the birds have just arrived in the print and are getting on with their lives and have not been sitting there bored waiting for me to turn up and draw them….the latter effect is all too easy to produce! At the same time I really don’t want this series of prints to look like pages from an amateur field guide so there has to be an extra dimension as well.

Anyway I hope that you will all be able to judge for yourselves whether I have met any of my targets if you can come to the preview in Saffron Walden, (watch this space for date and time) or, alternatively to the Pitt Building in Cambridge when the Cambridge Original Printmakers show is on in September (Preview night dates and times on their website)

Leda's swan