2020 summed up!

Probably the most eloquent entry here would be a blank space to represent all those cancelled exhibitions and my strange inability to produce work when confined to home with hours of time on my hands. Fortunately for my sanity my visits online suggested I wasn’t the only artist to respond in this way and there was lots of helpful advice about keeping ones hand in etc etc. However 2020 wasn’t entirely unproductive. Before lockdown hit I had completed six prints for the Home Ground series with another one started. They have not been exhibited anywhere but images of them can be seen on this website on the Galleries page, and they are, of course for sale. They are a combination of monotype, linocut and collage, or as I have come to rename it, papier collĂ©. The Picasso exhibition drew a distinction between collage and papier collĂ© and I realised that what I do is the latter, and if it was good enough for Picasso it is good enough for me.
In the last three months work has slowly reestablished itself, a small commission followed by Christmas cards for friends and family and I am hoping this is the tipping point for a more steady production. fingers crossed!