Home Ground

So, it is now more than half way through 2022 and finally, the Home Ground series of prints is coming to fruition. Started before lockdown in 2020 it has faltered again and again but the offer of an exhibition slot in my home town was the spur I needed and the series now feels complete. The exhibition opens at the Exchange Gallery in Saffron Walden on Monday September 12 until Saturday October 8th. It features a range of images of Saffron Walden and the surrounding area. The images are not conventional and offer a personal and probably idiosyncratic view. I make no apology for that.

In recent months the world news has highlighted stories of catastrophe caused by war, wild fires, floods and drought. Through no fault of their own many people have found that home is no longer a safe and secure place and they face losing everything they love. These stories stand in stark contrast to my own comfortable life in this beautiful place, so, in gratitude, I am donating the proceeds from the exhibition to the Disaster Emergency Committee, and to that end have opened a Paypal giving page. If you have enjoyed looking at the Home Ground gallery you may feel like making a donation.