If you are interested in buying any of my prints or have any other questions or comments you can contact me on

All prints are for sale unless marked Sold.

Most of my prints are unique but where there is an edition they will not be marked sold until the entire edition is sold. Sometimes a print may be available in more than one colour palette, it’s always worth asking.

The price marked is the cost of the print, window mounted and framed, if collected from Saffron Walden. If you would like a framed print delivered then any postage costs are extra to the marked price. Unframed prints can be sent by post at no extra charge to the marked price.

My work is generally available on demand but please note that if prints are being exhibited they cannot be released until the end of the exhibition period.

"fragments I have shored against my ruin"

"a box where sweets compacted lie"

"the earth and the sky and the water remade"


When first we practise to deceive